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This can be seen in the dozens of words for good and bad and multiple synonyms for drunk or drugged, such as carnaged, wazzed, hamstered; and for exhausted: wreckaged, bonked, spanked and clappin'. It's quite impossible to predict which expressions will catch on.The many acronyms and abbreviations used online and in messaging have alarmed parents who can't interpret them and educators who think they are contaminating standard English. What we can expect is that the most popular terms will come from the same categories as before: sex and dating, dissing and shaming, gushing and moaning and indulging covertly in illicit hedonism.There are insults and terms of disapproval such as wasteman, gasman, neek (both nerd and geek) dinter and bell for males; and sket, THOT (that ho' over there) and meg (a dowdy introvert) for females.Supposedly ugly contemporaries are condemned as busted, finished, flames, hangin', bruk or just uggz.Gangs and cliques are often territorial, so terms such as endz, bitz, yard meaning neighbourhood, or road and roadboy, a local, are especially important.A feature noted by some linguists is “hypersynonymy” whereby many competing coinages express the same notion.

Homegrown expressions reflect teen habits of overstating: devs or devo'd for devastated (mildly inconvenienced); and feigning indifference – wotevs or whevs.A defining characteristic of youth slang is thought to be its faddishness – the fact that terms have a rapid turnover, quickly coming in and out of fashion and then disappearing before parents and teachers have time to decode them.The reality is more complicated: novelty is all-important but for each generation the expressions will be new to them.Among the most pervasive are bruv, mate, bare, fam, gwop or peas (money), and chirpsin', linkin' and lipsin' – flirting, dating and kissing respectively.Another component of the teen lexicon is the jargon of videogamers, origin of campet, an inert person (someone who “camps” on the fringes of the game); glicther, a cheat (a corruption of “glitch”), and zerg, to aggress (from the name of a race of hostile aliens).

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