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The same procedure should be repeated for the name. You should get a message saying "Thank you for supporting us! Here is a short video explaining how to enter license data into Ace Money with a couple of clicks: The new secure AMJ format only allows sharing (that is, using on another computer) of the files when user specifically permitted it on the computer where the file was created.To do that, please click Tools-Password, then tick the "Allow Multi-user access" box and select a password (how short is your choice).Each account can be in its own currency and you will be able to record transfers between the accounts.For instance, if you have a checking account and a credit card account, you will record a tranfer from checking to credit card each time you pay the credit card with a check.

It registers file extension as Media Catalog File regardless of the fact that this extension has already been registered with Ace Money. Next time Windows asks you a question to choose a program, please select "C:\Program Files (x86)\Ace Money\Ace Money" (or "C:\Program Files\Ace Money\Ace Money" if on 32-bit Windows).The license is sent to you automatically the same minute the order is approved.If you don't see it in the inbox, most likely it was treated as spam.GMail spam filter loves Ace Money licenses and usually puts them to the Spam folder. If the license is not there we will resend it to you.Please, follow the instructions you've got from us right after the order. Enter the name and the serial number exactly the same way they are specified in the email.

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