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So i got the call today, she said i was to come over to take my punishment, and i better be wearing panties.

I waited till wife went o work then got showered and went over.

Iv spoken to her mother about about it and she is cool with it and even bought me some nice underwear for...

It was a weeknight and I was out cross dressed enjoying dinner. Since there was no place to go I finished dinner and paid the bill...

I had long hair and she would put a couple of hair clips in to give me a girls look. We always did this on saturday when my mother went to work. My wfe found out i like to crossdress about 3ys ago and took it better than i thought.

But now iv found out that since then she has told her freind and also her mother.

But, if I wasn't out drinking or doing drugs then it was ok with her. Well, I was staying in an older hotel in a nortwest city in the US.

I was putting on makeup when my mom entered into my... About 2-3 years ago I found a very nice girl's profil in Facebook. She new of my cding so I new I was always safe to dress there. My aunts house was located in the same city as where my sis was going to college at. I was getting really stressed at work so I told the wife that I needed a day off. We couldn't get our schedules in sync so I had the day to myself. I waited until the kids were on the bus, I would have maybe four hours... My question is, who thinks I can pull off a third night without getting caught, or should I hope I get caught and finally let my secret out? both humiliating and erotic at the same time, especially in the eyes of the crossdresser. I got into cross-dressing when I was coerced into it at school. After my first wife and I divorced, I thought I would be single forever. My mother may have suspected I had dressed up in her clothes, but she never caught me at it.

About half way through dinner a fellow from work and his wife came into the restaurant. muje bathroom mai le gayi aur kaha dekho yeh sab kapade hai balti mai usse dhona hai tumhe aur yeh dusri balti wale kapade ko brush nai lagana samji . Wo has rai thi boli bahit jaldi samaj jati ho sab aurat k kaam . but I did get caught wearing my ex-wife's nylon nightgown one night. As a teenager I used nylon items to ********** while I was looking at women wearing lingerie.

I stopped all this when I got married until one night. and was in the changing room trying a dress on when my cell phone rang. She almost never calls my cell phone so thought it might be something important so I answered it. I have long hair and I am also blessed with very little body hair (nearly nonexistent) which I do keep completely shaved off and as I mentioned I am quite slim.

Clearly visible in a black skirt, black tights and... I decided to go up on the pool deck and relaxe in the screen house wearing just panties bra and half slip.

I always loved panties, and then I started to dress up in all kinds of girls things the experience was setting the stage to look more and more like a girl. I did have my clothes with me incase anyone came home.

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As I was standing there in my bra and panties talking to her the sales lady walked up and said... I weigh 147lbs and stand 5'9" with a really girly butt. while I was wearing them or when my mom was cleaning my room and stumbled upon my stuff. One day I was dressed in my room but had forgot to close my curtains all the way. im divorced and my x had our son one day when i came home from work i was so tired from working night shift i put on a black leotard and shiny tan tights and taped my penis back so im smooth as a girl i always loved leotard since i was 5 my sister always dressed me up in them... I was wearing a nice fitted navy blue pencil skirt with a longsleeve black cotton top & a sexy long haired auburn redish wig, I looked very sexy & i'm gifted with a big hot sexy woman's butt. city I KNEW her hrs I thought so one time I got DRESSED thought had hrs to be tiamarie as l came out of bathroom with my makeup on went to living room there was my mom shocked NO WAY MAD NOT AT ALL ALLS SHE SAID R U HAPPY IN THOSE THINGS AND I SAID YES SHE SAID I LOOKED GOOD IN... My soon to be second ex wife knew I dressed femininely and even knew I had two small TV based businesses going.

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